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    A notary is a public official that the state commissioned to serve as an impartial party to conduct different services.  

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    Oaths and Acknowledgments



    In an acknowledge, a signer declares to a notary that they signed a document willingly for the purposes state within it.

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    Administering Oaths and Affirmations


    The person taking the oath in the presence of the notary to the truth of the statement.

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    A written statement made by a signer, pledging that the statement is true.

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    Representative Capacity


    The person affirms to have both personal knowledge of the facts and the authority to sign on behalf of the corporation partnership, or trust.

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    Jurat Certificates


    A formal notarial certificate for any document requiring an oath or affirmation.

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    Taking Acknowledgments


    The signer makes an acknowledgement of signature on a document to state.

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